Lewis Williams

The Lord has His own place for finding prophets and His own way to train them. He was not educated at Tarsus, but found his call and training on the backside of the desert, where he met the God who reveals and answers by fire. All of God’s true prophets have a message, and this brother surely has one, received fresh from the skies. His words burn like fire and rive like thunderbolts. The truth flashes from his piercing eyes and leaps through his lips from his glowing heart, all aflame with the love of God and a deathless passion for souls. We have heard some of these sermons preached with an impressiveness which few spoken messages can ever equal, while thousands listened spellbound and then men and women rushed to the altar to seek salvation. The prophet’s message will haunt your very soul, and meet you at the bar of God. — A. M. Hills

Where Art Thou?

Chapter 1 — Where Art Thou?
Chapter 2 — Repentance
Chapter 3 — The Two Baptisms
Chapter 4 — Cain’s Religion
Chapter 5 — Lazarus
Chapter 6 — He is Able
Chapter 7 — A Campaign Abroad
Chapter 8 — A Campaign At Home
Chapter 9 — Nearly Damned By The Influence of Tobacco

Walking Before God

Chapter 1 — A Dying Man’s Prayer
Chapter 2 — Religion Vs. Salvation
Chapter 3 — The Devil And Religion
Chapter 4 — God’s Time Or Never
Chapter 5 — An Evil Report And Its Influence
Chapter 6 — Life For A Look
Chapter 7 — Brazen Serpents
Chapter 8 — Man’s Threefold Nature
Chapter 9 — Public Actions
Chapter 10 — Private Actions
Chapter 11 — Secret Actions
Chapter 12 — Public Words
Chapter 13 — Private Words
Chapter 14 — Secret Words
Chapter 15 — Thoughts
Chapter 16 — Morality Not Salvation
Chapter 17 — The Almighty God
Chapter 18 — Walk Before Me
Chapter 19 — Be Thou Perfect
Chapter 20 — Loyalty
Chapter 21 — Obedience
Chapter 22 — Trust
Chapter 23 — Testings
Chapter 24 — Now I Know