Les Feldick

Les Feldick is a proficient Bible teacher who reaches a large audience. He has ministered for over thirty years from his Oklahoma-based ministry, including the Tulsa Prophecy Conference. His radio and television ministry is titled: Through the Bible but should not be confused with the late J. Vernon McGee’s ministry: Thru the Bible whose taped sermons are still aired; although both men have given very sound insights into the Scriptures.

Les begins his classes teaching from Genesis 1:1 and works his way through the entire Bible. He has not had any formal Bible education but as the Scriptures teach, it is through the Holy Spirit that he is able to understand the Word of God and help teach others. He is an Oklahoma rancher devoted to sharing God’s Word in a simple unassuming manner. His energy has been seemingly endless teaching night after night, without ever using lesson plans or notes, and seemingly, never grows tired — as stated on his website. He relies on the Holy Spirit to lead him and generally does an outstanding job. His teaching is non-denominational, and his students come from diverse denominations and backgrounds.

This is what Les Feldick has to say regarding his ministry, recently:

I have not retired! But at 84 years we concluded it was time to slow down. I felt we had covered the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation in the 984 programs, so we ended our tapings with Book 82. We are still traveling to seminars, but not as extensively as before. We still hold occasional classes in Oklahoma, and I am on the phone several hours most days, plus answering the letters with questions. So, we covet your prayers that the Lord will give us the knowledge and wisdom we need, plus the good health, physical strength and traveling mercies.

Les offers 82 books on-line in MP3 and audio format. His teaching can be heard on both television and radio programs which are listed on his website. Les Feldick Ministries offers six-hour videotapes of his television class (12 programs each), as well as DVDs, transcribed books, audiocassette tape sets, and CDs of the programs. Be also has a large collection of articles to glean from on his website on dozens of biblical topics.

Les and his wife, Iris, have been married since 1953. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren.