Jesus Is Coming – By William E. Blackstone

Chapter 13

The Principal Event

We believe that the foregoing outline of the order of events will commend itself to every careful student of the Word. However, we persistently urge but ONE POINT, and that is the PRE-MILLENNIAL COMING OF CHRIST AND RAPTURE OF THE SAINTS. This we believe to be the GREAT HOPE for the church, and the principal event for which believers wait.

Much has been revealed in regard to the Tribulation, the Kingdom, etc., which follow the Rapture; but it is, as it were, only an outline. And, dear reader, let us not be discouraged if we cannot fully understand it.

Do not forget that THE KING is coming. And when He comes it will be time to make known, in detail, the manner of the Kingdom.

Post-Millennial Questionings.

Post-millennialists apparently forget this altogether, and because they cannot fully understand those things in regard to the Lord’s coming, which we now see through a glass darkly, they reject what is plainly revealed.

If, even in the present dispensation, we cannot explain the doctrines of “Free Will,” and “God’s Sovereignty,” to our mutual understanding,-much less can we comprehend the glory, which shall be revealed in us, in the coming Kingdom. Let us not be disturbed, then, by the questions which they ask; such as-

How will men be saved during the Millennium? What will be the means of grace?

What may take the place of the preaching of the gospel? and of the sacraments of the Church?

The Jews could not have answered similar questions before the first coming of Christ. It was not revealed until He came.

Jesus is coming AGAIN, and it is just as consistent that we shall receive an addition to the revealed Word of God when He comes, as it was when He came before.

He will speak again, who spake as never man spake, even the dead will hear His voice, and the gracious words which shall proceed out of His mouth will be a continual revelation.

It will all be plain when Jesus comes, for we shall be like Him and see Him as He is, eye to eye, face to face.

Post-millennialists seem to think that all must be accomplished under the Church, and with present instrumentalities.

Pre-millennialists look for the main accomplishment under Christ Himself, who will cut short the work in righteousness, and with different instrumentalities.

Post-millennialism exalts the Church.

Pre-millennialism exalts Jesus and fills the heart of the believer with a LIVING, PERSONAL, COMING Savior.

Post-millennialists, though ACKNOWLEDGING that the Second Advent of Christ is the very POLE STAR of the Church, have little heart in it, and are disposed to say very little about it. This is natural and perfectly consistent for those who believe the event is at least a thousand years away.

They very seldom preach or talk about it.

Preach the Word.

What a contrast to Paul, who charged Timothy to PREACH THE WORD (2 Tim. 4 :2); and when writing to Titus, of the blessed hope and glorious appearing of Jesus, he said: “THESE THINGS SPEAK.” Ch. 2 :15.

And again, when writing to the Thessalonians of the descent of the Lord and the rapture of the church, he said: “WHEREFORE COMFORT (or exhort) ONE ANOTHER WITH THESE WORDS!’ Ch. 4 :18; see also 2 Tim. 3 :16; Heb. 10 :25; 2 Pet. 1 :19.(12)

We ask our post-millennial brethren, Why do you not give the Church these -comforting words,-this “meat in due season “, “Blessed is that servant whom His Lord when He cometh shall find so doing.” Lu. 12 :43. Ah! brethren, post-millennialism is hiding this STAR OF HOPE from the church, and incurring thereby a responsibility that God alone can estimate. The Church is languishing because of this neglected truth.

Solemn Warning.

We beg of you to heed the following solemn words from Dr. Hugh McNeill: “My reverend brethren, watch, preach the coming of Jesus. I charge you, in the name of our common Master,-PREACH THE COMING OF JESUS; solemnly and affectionately, in the name of Gad, I charge you,- PREACH THE COMING OF JESUS. WATCH ye, therefore, lest, coming suddenly, He find the porter sleeping.” Pre- millennialism has a vital life in it, and gives the disciple a real love and relish for the Word of God, which opens up to him like a new book.

Even Dr. Brown recognizes this, and he says: “Premillennialists have done the Church a real service by calling attention to the place which the second advent holds in the Word of God and the scheme of divine truth.”

Many have we heard say, “Why, the Bible is another book to me since I accepted this truth.” And though one is almost lost in the unfolding majesty and infinity of God’s plans revealed therein, yet do we find it such a storehouse of truth and comfort, that continual study ever gives us richer food.

It is the MOST PRACTICAL DOCTRINE in the Christian faith, for “every man that hath this hope in Him (Christ) purifieth himself even as He ( Christ) is pure.” 1 John 3 :3. And do we not want’PRACTICAL HOLINESS?

Again, this doctrine when received into the heart is a mighty power to separate one from the love of the world. And were it thoroughly believed and preached in the Church, she would readily give of her substance so liberally that we should not be begging for money to sustain our missions.

It was this doctrine that inspired the sainted Bliss, and gave his songs such favor. How all of us love to sing “WHEN JESUS COMES,” or “HOLD THE FORT FOR I AM COMING.” The Church and the people want this truth, and God wants them to have it, we are ‘assured, by the manifest interest and attention with which He blesses its presentation.