Jan Markell

When a close friend sent me an e-mail newsletter article from Jan Markell, I was amazed I had not already made an effort to look into her ministry. Being blind now for a number of years, I am particularly interested in checking out audio archived in ministries with radio programs. I went to www.olivetreeviews.org and was treated to a feast of fascinating interviews and Q and A, hosted by a refreshingly well-studied Bible prophecy teacher/presenter. The fact that one of her primary areas of interest is eschatology as it relates to Israel makes her ministry one of special effort in these exciting times.

I’m now a fan of Jan Markell! In 1992, she launched her own organization, “Olive Tree Ministries, Inc.” which produces a newsletter internationally titled “Understanding the Times”. Olive Tree Ministries hosts conferences on current issues, and produces a weekly live, call in radio program on almost 820 radio stations across North America. The program airs every Saturday from 9 AM — 11 AM CST and Sundays from 12–2 PM and is heard in multiple cities and on her web site.

Some of Jan”s best-selling books include Gone The Golden Dream (Bethany House), Trapped In Hitler’s Hell (Tyndale House and Gospel Publishing House), Somebody Love Me! (Tyndale House), and Waiting For A Miracle: Reflections on Affliction (Baker Book House). She has written over 300 articles for publication.

She is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and other gatherings on end-time Bible prophecy, Israel past, present, and future, the entire Middle East scenario, Islam, and “New Age” and other occult-deception issues. On all issues, she looks at current events from a Biblical perspective.