Jack Van Impe

Jack Van Impe Presents is a powerful force for spreading the prophetic Word in these troubling although exciting times. We at Rapture Ready are now pleased to put this ministry forth as one that has made great strides in recent weeks and months to carry out the Biblical Forewarning and to proclaim the clarion call that the only Answer to the distress and perplexity of mankind is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jack Van Impe is originally from Troy, Michigan. He toured across Michigan and other areas of the U.S.performing accordion duets with his father until the age of 17. He was greatly influenced by his father’s missionary work and service in the cause of Christ.

Jack graduated from high school in 1948 and entered DetroitBible College (which later became William Tyndale College). He put himself through school by organizing concerts, rallies, and preaching to other students. He began his profession as a church preacher in 1948; earned his diploma in 1952.

After meeting his wife, Rexella, Van Impe packed his bags and traveled around the nation as an “ambassador of Christ”; his nationwide tour attracted many followers. By the early seventies, he had a syndicated radio show based solely on biblical scripture.

Jack has logged over 70,000 hours of Bible study (approximately eight years worth) and he also has memorized 14,000 verses of scripture.

When observing him in person, it doesn’t take long to realize that he’s a very gifted man. He has a super memory that allows him to instantly recall vast quantities of scripture, and he has the ability to relate complex Bible prophecy issue to the common listener.

We have had in the past some disagreement with his Jack Van Impe Presents programming dealing with issues involving the Catholic religion, and with some commentary on Islam and the Koran. As of late, however, Dr. Van Impe has shown to have been given, in our view, an extraordinary Commission from the Lord to forewarn of the disastrous apostasy developing during these days as we see the time of the Tribulation advancing on the prophetic horizon. He is carrying out that commission with courage and resolve few others within the Church today are doing.

Jack Van Impe doesn’t slink away in fear when it comes to naming names like Rick Warren, Robert Schuller and others who are making a mockery of Christ’s Great commission. He lays out the hard-hitting facts about those who are bringing in false teachings and damnable heresies mentioned by the Apostle Paul in 1 Timothy chapter 4, 2 Timothy chapter 4, and by Jude. Yet, he does so in a spirit of Christ’s Love for those who are caught up in the spirit of Antichrist in these troubling times, imploring those who are in such rebellion to come back to God’s Truth.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN,) according to Dr. Van Impe, told him he could not name names of the ministers he feels are presenting apostate theology. TBN’s executives, Paul and Jan Crouch, pulled the programs in which he had brought up those names, he says. He therefore chose to take his program to other venues –including some secular—and the results have been a Blessing from the Lord, he reports. Jack Van Impe Presents programming has not contracted, but has expanded significantly, he says.

Courage by Christian ministries on the front line such as that of Dr. Jack Van Impe, is to be applauded in these end times, when Satan’s attacks on the Church and the Bible are exponentially on the increase.