It’s Closer Than You Think

lettersSnatched away in mercy, raptured in His care One moment you will see us, the next, we won’t be there. In the twinkling of an eye, the time of half a blink Millions in Christ will disappear it’s closer than we think.

One can only guess at who will endeavor to explain And suspect will be the person who has the most to gain. For one will rise in darkness a world of peace to fix Beware and do not take his mark, the numbers, 666.

Some think that this is fiction, a story over told. In disbelief they are misled I know it sounds too bold! But think for just a moment, open up your eyes and ears Yes, these events have been foretold for many many years.

Wars and peaceful rumors, famine and pestilence. Earthquakes and hurricanes, it’s beginning to make sense. There’s still time to call on Jesus, He wants to call your name, And He will save you from your sin, He already took the blame.

So if you find that you are left behind when those many go, And nagging at your memory is something you don’t know, Remember please these humble words for it’s not easy to relay The grief and desperation that will fill that fateful day.

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