Israel – The Land of Peace

This page is dedicated to those folks that deny Israel is the "burdensome stone" (Zec 12:3). The Bible does warn us that, in the last days, Israel will be active on the world stage, but what does the Word of God know?

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This has to be the most badly camouflaged duck blind I've ever seen.
There needs to be a recall of US and Israeli flags. They always seem to be bursting into flames.
Forget about the Middle East conflict, we've got a smog problem that badly needs attention.
Soldier, you're out of uniform!
Soldier, you're out of uniform!
They say good fences make for great neighbors. Well, with fences like this, I can't see why there wouldn't be peace in the region.
Must be kids playing with matches again.
That's what happens when you forget to regularly check and refill the radiator on your jeep - it'll overheat.
Those SUVs are getting way too big.
When you have professional wrestlers involved, you know the fighting must be fake.
Here's some members of the liberal media taking some pictures of their favorite subject - so natural.
Come on guys...we're getting two medium pizzas, and we each have to chip in four bucks...this is not rocket science.