The Ideal Pentecostal Church – By Seth Rees

Chapter 7

Knows No Gender

The ideal Pentecostal Church is without distinction as to the prominence given to the sexes. The women were equally honored with the men when the Spirit was poured out.  “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication with the women.” “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.” “And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my Spirit.” Women, as well as men, are to prophesy when this holy baptism with the Spirit shall be administered.  No reference is made in Scripture to the ruling of a General Conference or an Ecumenical Council.

Originally, woman was not only man’s helpmeet but his equal.  “They twain shall be one flesh.” Sin cursed and degraded her, until in dark heathendom we find her as man’s slave.  She is a beast of burden in many pagan countries.  Enslaved, degraded, abused, she is brought lower than the brute.  Well might Mr. Moody say, “I would rather be a donkey in heathen lands than a woman,” for in those countries men set a greater value many times upon their donkeys than upon their wives.

But just in proportion as the grace of God and the light of the Gospel are shed abroad, in that proportion woman is elevated, until at Pentecost she stands, a second Eve, by the side of he husband, sharing in the beatific blessings of the baptism with the Spirit.

Taking humanity as a whole, it may be said with confidence that more genuine New Testament piety can be found among women than among men. From the days of Pentecost until this hour, whenever Holy Ghost revivals have been produced, holy women have mothered them, nursing into strength and vigor the nascent converts.  Many an Elizabeth Frye, or Mary Fletcher, or Sibyl Jones has blessed the world with her holy ministry.  The world will never get over the fragrant effects of the loving lives of these saints.

Nothing but jealousy, prejudice, bigotry, and a stingy love for bossing in men have prevented woman’s public recognition by the church.  No church that is acquainted with the Holy Ghost will object to the public ministry of women.  We know scores of women who can preach the Gospel with a clearness, a power, and an efficiency seldom equaled by men.

Sisters, let the Holy Ghost fill, call and anoint you to preach the glorious Gospel of our Lord.