Howard Miller

Howard Miller is well qualified to discuss various subjects related to the Christian faith. He has had intimate contact with leaders of different theological schools of thought and has had years of experience as district superintendent, pastor, and general superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene denomination. He often deals with subjects that are overlooked by other holiness preachers. His writings address themes as “Eradication,” “Suppression,” and “Counteraction.” (D. Shelby Corlett)

The Sin Problem

Chapter 1: The Fact of Sin
Chapter 2: Definitions
Chapter 3: The Problem
Chapter 4: The Dilemma
Chapter 5: Eradication
Chapter 6: Scriptural Suppression
Chapter 7: Scriptural Counteraction
Chapter 8: Growth in Grace
Chapter 9: Applied Holiness
Chapter 10: Necessary Cautions

When He Is Come

Chapter 1: The New Testament Emphasis
Chapter 2: He Baptizes
Chapter 3: He Fills
Chapter 4: He Purifies
Chapter 5: He Anoints
Chapter 6: He Seals
Chapter 7: A Glorious Work

The Path We Take

Chapter 1: Significant Quotations
Chapter 2: Explanation Introduction
Chapter 3: Paths Will Be Made
Chapter 4: The Path of The Church
Chapter 5: The Path We Take
Chapter 6: A Path Filled With Peril