Baptism with the Holy Ghost – By Henry Morrison


It is scarcely worth-while to say to the reader that in this booklet on “The Baptism with the Holy Ghost,” I have not attempted anything exhaustive, but have tried to set forth an important Bible truth in a plain, simple way. I have often wished for a booklet on this subject so cheap that the poor could buy it, so small that the busy could read it, and so plain that those of the most ordinary learning and intelligence could understand it. I have preached the truth herein contained to many thousands of people, and God has graciously put the seal of His approval on the Word in the conversion of a multitude of sinners, and the sanctification of many believers. I send it out with the prayer that God may make it a blessing to many, and with the request that those who read it with profit will pass it on to others.

Your brother,
H. C. Morrison