Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith (1832-1911), writer, evangelist, and reformer, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 7, 1832. Hannah Whitall grew up in a strict Quaker home and had from childhood a deep concern with religion and a habit of introspection. In 1851 she married Robert P. Smith, also a Quaker, and in 1865 they moved to Millville, New Jersey, where they came under the influence of the Wesleyan-based “holiness” movement. In 1875 she published The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life, a guide to sanctification and complete surrender to divine will that was translated into several foreign languages and sold some 2 million copies around the world.

Christian’s Secret Of A Happy Life

Chapter 1: God’s Side And Man’s Side
Chapter 2: The Scripturalness Of This Life
Chapter 3: The Life Defined
Chapter 4: How To Enter In
Chapter 5: Difficulties Concerning Consecration
Chapter 6: Difficulties Concerning Faith
Chapter 7: Difficulties Concerning The Will
Chapter 8: IS God In Everything?
Chapter 9: Growth
Chapter 10: Service
Chapter 11: Difficulties Concerning Guidance
Chapter 12: Concerning Temptation
Chapter 13: Failures
Chapter 14: Doubts
Chapter 15: Practical Results In The Daily Walk And Conversation
Chapter 16: The Joy Of Obedience
Chapter 17: Oneness With Christ
Chapter 18: “Although” And “Yet,” A Lesson In The Interior Life
Chapter 19: Kings And Their Kingdoms; Or, How To Reign In The Interior Life
Chapter 20: The Chariots Of God
Chapter 21:”Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing”
Chapter 22: “God With Us”; Or, The One Hundred And Thirty-Ninth Psalm 

The God of All Comfort

Chapter 1: Why This Book Has Been Written
Chapter 2: What is His Name?
Chapter 3: The God Of All Comfort
Chapter 4: The Lord Our Shepherd
Chapter 5: He Spake To Them Of The Father
Chapter 6: Jehovah 
Chapter 7: “The Lord Is Good”
Chapter 8: The Lord Our Dwelling Place
Chapter 9: Much More Versus Much Less
Chapter 10: Self-Examination
Chapter 11: Things That Cannot Be Shaken
Chapter 12: A Word To The Wavering Ones
Chapter 13: Discouragement 
Chapter 14: The Shout Of Faith
Chapter 15: Thanksgiving Versus Complaining
Chapter 16: Conformed To The Image Of Christ 
Chapter 17: God Is Enough