Gerald Stanton

Gerald Stanton’s work has been a favorite of a number of leading men in the field of prophecy. Noted Bible scholar and Left Behind author Tim LaHaye has said he has worn out three copies of Kept From the Hour. Stanton has also been praised in several Christian publications. Moody Monthly said that his book on the rapture stands as one of “the most important defense[s] of the pretribulation view point.”

Kept From The Hour

1. A Theme Of Great Significance
2. Not Appointed Unto Wrath
3. Is The Church In Matthew Twenty-Four?
4. The Day Of The Lord
5. Who Is “The Restrainer”?
6. The Imminency Of The Coming Of Christ For The Church
7. The Golden Rule Of Bibilical Interpretation
8. The Partial-Rapture Theory
9. The Midtribulation Rapture Theory
10. The Posttribulation Rapture Theory
11. The Rapture: Incidental Or Fundamental?
12. His Coming – Our Hope
13. The Rapture Debate