Gerald Bustin

Gerald Bustin– was born July 22, 1903, at Forrest, Mississippi. He came to Christ in his early teens and immediately felt called to the ministry. Mr. Bustin began his preaching career in 1922 and took his first pastorate at age 23. In 1937, he felt the call to overseas missions and circled the globe, preaching to eager throngs in Australia, India, Egypt, Scotland, England, and various island nations in the Caribbean region.

He Careth For You

Chapter 1: The Sovereign – Shepherd
Chapter 2: Faith’s Declaration 
Chapter 3: Disciplined Rest
Chapter 4: Restoration 
Chapter 5: He Leadeth
Chapter 6: Through The Shadows Of The Valley 
Chapter 7: Comforts Of His Rod And Staff
Chapter 8: Our Servant – Shepherd Spreads A Table 
Chapter 9: The Anointing And The Overflow 
Chapter 10: Hedged About
Chapter 11: The End Of The Pilgrim Pathway

My First Fifty Years

Chapter 1: Birth and Beginnings
Chapter 2: My Two Besetting Sins
Chapter 3: Loneliness and Heart-Cravings
Chapter 4: Losing “Mamma” and Finding Mother
Chapter 5: Bible School Days
Chapter 6: My First Evangelistic Slate
Chapter 7: Wedding Bells and the Way of the Cross
Chapter 8: Dust Storms on the Horizon
Chapter 9: The Master Speaks Again
Chapter 10: Home Again and the Harvest Call
Chapter 11: War Breaks Out on Andros Island
Chapter 12: The War Rages — Enemies Are Slain
Chapter 13: Haiti on the Horizon — Other Experiences
Chapter 14: Haiti Bound
Chapter 15: An Unforgettable Experience
Chapter 16: More of Boats and Our Beginning in Haiti
Chapter 17: New Guinea and My Greatest Grief
Chapter 18: The Bustin and Menefee Memorial
Chapter 19: Marriage Again and Our Home
Chapter 20: The Miracle Broadcasting Station
Chapter 21: Facing the Future Challenge

My Sheep Shall Never Perish

In spite of the fact that these are days when gullible multitudes, like little blind birds sitting in their nests of complacency, gulp everything given to them without considering its merits or demerits, there are those who want to know the truth and nothing but the truth.

Literally scores of thousands of my tracts — “Are The Once Saved Always Saved?” — have found their way around the world. Several different printing establishments are putting them out. I am finding that people are being helped to see the truth concerning this subject. This, together with the fact that I find multitudes who are being deceived and led away from the truth of the Gospel, has encouraged me to write this booklet. I well know that in certain circles I shall not be loved the more for having written it, but God speaks saying, “And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear.” Ezekiel 2:7 Too, it is my aim to impart blessing to the children of God.

Believing it to be the will of God for us to share the good things which the Father bestows upon us, and that it is our duty to warn men against popular deceptions, I send forth this booklet with a prayer that it may do good.

Let those who receive light and help from its pages give praise to God by putting the same into the hands of others.

G. T. Bustin

Who Are These Sheep? 
What Is Meant By Security? 
Hard Nuts For The Unconditional Security Crowd To Crack