Gary Stearman

Gary Stearman has written articles and co-authored books in affiliation with the late J.R. Church. This ministry is involved in television, audio, video and print productions dedicated to the exposition of Bible prophecy to a worldwide audience. Since 1983, Gary has also pastored Grace Fellowship Church in Oklahoma City. His teachings are devoted to in-depth linguistic, historical and contextual Bible study from the Premillennial, Pretribulational and Dispensational perspective stemming from his love for languages and the inerrent, infallible Word of God. One of his early (radio) mentor’s was the beloved and popular J. Vernon McGee. But that was only the beginning of his quest to learn as much as possible about the Bible and how it relates to every day life. His studies became very serious around the time he was married (1960s) and even more so when he and his wife were blessed with two children.

Gary Stearman’s research and teachings are very unique and reach into areas of biblical prophecy few researchers delve into. He has been documented arguing that  key individuals in the Bible were transported through time and space and that UFOs/aeriel crafts were described in the ancient books. On one occasion, when Gary was a young man and flying a plane over Texas he had a life-altering experience and what he believes to be a UFO encounter. A disc around 100 ft. in diameter approached his plane. Somehow he felt his thoughts were being probed. Later, when he landed at the Lubbock airport, he discovered he’d been gone for six hours when his plane only had enough fuel for four hours. This event led him to seek out answers that only the God of the Bible could answer. A book he has authored on the topic of time-travel related to the Bible is titled: Time Travelers of the Bible: How Hebrew Prophets Shattered the Barriers of Time-Space.

Gary Stearman is not your average prophcy expositor. His work is distinctive, cutting-edge and intriguingly unique. He dares to step ouside of the box and takes the study of Bible prophecy to a new dimension (no pun intended).