Five Great Needs – By Henry Morrison


In my observation of conditions in our country, I have become fully persuaded that the Five Great Needs in order to the preservation of our homes, the spirituality of the Church, in its mission of evangelization of mankind, the building of character, enforcement of law, and the development of an intelligent, righteous and progressive civilization are:

First, good family government, with discipline and guidance, which produces obedience among children.

Second, the regeneration by the Holy Spirit of the individual in the early morning of life.

Third, that Christian Education which prepares one for the duties of life, and produces intelligent, conscientious citizenship.

Fourth, industry, beginning in early youth, that will take the place of the advantages of the city gymnasium; hoe handle exercises that will make one healthy, industrious, guarding against wastefulness and producing a spirit of economy.

Fifth, the prompt enforcement of law, so that those who are criminally inclined will be deterred, realizing that if they do violate the law they will be promptly and severely punished.

Leaving out the items mentioned above, or any one of them, we break the strong, golden chain that would bind our civilization together for the very best there is for the times in which we are living, and the future history of our country. I am hoping this booklet will have a wide circulation and thoughtful reading.

H. C. Morrison