Featured Prophetic End Times Writers

Daymond Duck – Articles and selected sermons by Pastor Duck
Jack Kelley – Well-loved featured writer for Rapture Ready
Ron Graham – A gifted writer from the ‘show me’ state
Wilfred Hahn – Specializes in the end-time role of money
Grant Phillips – A Bible teacher and minister by music
Jan Markell – Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
Randall Price – An expert on Israel and Bible archaeology
David Reagan – Plainspoken prophetic commentary
Joseph Chambers – The classical Pentecostal preacher
Thomas Ice – Mr. Rapture: The pre-trib heavy artillery
Britt Gillette – He’s on the razor’s edge of biblical study
Terry James – Various rapture related studies
Don Twobears – The Papa Bear of prophecy
Gene Lawley – Retired CPA with a deep interest in prophecy