FAQ :: Why should I trust in God?

A Christian must always trust in God for everything, from salvation to our daily needs. This is hard for most believers, but it is the only way to live. When we trust ourselves, others or the government we will always be disappointed.

Consider this when things get tough: Who would you prefer to trust in, yourself, others, government or the Creator of the universe who died for you and who loves you more than you love yourself or anyone else loves you? Think about it.

Scripture warns us against trusting in ourselves (Jeremiah 17.9), our riches (Proverbs 11.28; 1 Timothy 6.17), others (Psalm 118.8) and in government (Psalm 118.9; 146.3).

Before a person can trust in God for daily needs he must first trust in God for salvation. One must come before Jesus and humbly confess that he is a sinner who needs to be saved. He should cry out, “O Lord and God, please have mercy on me a sinner! Cleanse my sins with your precious blood and give me eternal life by the power of your bodily resurrection.”