FAQ :: Who is Big Brother?

It is important to know who Big Brother is. He is not one person, one corporation, one organization or one government. Big Brother is made up of a myriad of individuals, corporations, organizations, secret societies, bureaucrats, government agencies, governments and international organizations and unions.

Big Brother is a term that was coined by Eric Blair (a.k.a. George Orwell) in his book 1984. It referred to the government. Most people understand that Big Brother refers to government, but it goes beyond that.

Today it is said that all the governments in the world: are controlled by powerful families–those who have been controlling the major powers of the world for hundreds of years. Conspiracy theories run rampant on such ideas but there is a good deal of truth when analyzing much of this. These families control the most powerful corporations along with the most influential “think tanks” and semi-secret and secret organizations.