FAQ :: What is your view on conspiracy theories?

Webster defines a conspiracy as: “the joining together in a secret agreement to do unlawful acts.” Christian conspiracy buffs would see the unlawful acts as the replacement of our current democratic government with one that’s autocratic.

I have a big problem with conspiracy theories. Even if the workings of these groups are always done clandestinely, you still can prove whether or not they control world affairs by asking yourself some logical questions. The first question to ask is, “If these organizations have men in all branches of government, why don’t they just bring forth the policies they were put there to implement?” Another question to ask is, “Why do they fight against each other if they’re on the same team?” A lot of conspiracy buffs will tell you there is no difference between Democrats or Republicans, because many of these parties’ key players hold membership in various conspiracy organizations. I would also ask, “If they worked against each other, which they clearly do, how can you say they have the same goal in mind?”