FAQ :: What is the sovereignty of God?

The sovereignty of God is touched on briefly in the Proverbs, but the entire Bible makes it clear that He is in control of the universe, which He created and everything in it. Nothing dies without His awareness (Matthew 10.28-31).

He directs the paths of His children (Psalm 37.23; Jeremiah 10.23) and He watches over them as well as the wicked (unsaved) (2 Chronicles 16.9; Job 26.6; 28.24; 31.4; Psalm 33.13-15; Proverbs 5.21; 15.3; Hebrews 4.13). He also knows all of their thoughts and motives (Proverbs 15.11; 16.2; 24.12; 1 Kings 8.39; Psalm 94.11; Isaiah 66.18; Matthew 9.4; 12.25; Romans 2.16; 1 Corinthians 4.5; Hebrews 4.12). He even fashions their hearts (Psalm 33.15).

God is totally sovereign over all of His creation. Nothing happens that He is not aware of and everything that takes place is of His will.