FAQ :: What is the Galileo navigation system?

The Galileo navigation system, which is being built by the European Union, is intended to provide measurements down to the meter range as a free service including the altitude, and better positioning services at high latitudes compared to GPS and GLONASS. As a further feature, Galileo will provide a global Search and Rescue (SAR) function.

To do so, each satellite will be equipped with a transponder, which is able to transfer the distress signals from the user’s transmitter to the Rescue Co-ordination Center, which will then initiate the rescue operation. [1]

What if Big Brother places a transmitter in all GPS gadgets in the future that automatically transmits a signal to a satellite giving him the exact location of everyone who has a GPS unit? It is possible that in time Big brother will be able to put GPS technology in every cell phone, laptop, vehicle, aircraft and ship, etc. This technology is taking us closer to the time The Bible warns us about during the seven-year Tribulation period.

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