FAQ :: What is the “First Observer” program?

“First Observer” is a national safety and security program that uses the skills, experiences and “savvy” of America’s transportation professionals to help protect the critical transportation function that moves the goods and services and people across America.

“First Observer” is operated by Team HMS under a Cooperative Agreement with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trucking Security Program (TSP). The program’s mission is to administer an anti-terrorism and security awareness program for highway professionals in support of the National Preparedness Guidelines.

A key component of the program is to recruit volunteers from the Trucking, Motor Coach Carriers and School Bus industries to act as our “First Observer” in reporting suspicious activities of either a criminal or potential terroristic nature to authorities.

Their vision to the Trucking, School Bus and Motor Carrier Program to include developing a flexible training program designed to meet challenges head on, endorsing a training program that develops and launches training modules for different communities and different threats as they emerge. Different communities require different levels of training.

The “First Observer” program intends to leverage our relationships within the law enforcement community and our program experience to create first responder community specific training modules as required. Training is delivered via video, website and with support from key Team members at conferences, events, and union and stakeholder meetings across the nation. The approach is for the Program Highway ISAC to include all of the Program stated requirements. [1]

[1] www.firstobserver.com/aboutus.php.