FAQ :: What is eternal life?

It is difficult for the human mind to conceive the concept of eternity. A lifetime is a long time. Is eternity two lifetimes? Three? Four? Is there a beginning to eternity? How about an end? I once heard this analogy: If each grain of sand on every beach in the whole world represented 1 million years, you would not have even put a dent in eternity.

Our eternity–where we will spend it–is decided by whether or not we accept the gift of salvation offered by Jesus. If we do, then we are privileged to spend eternity forever in the presence of God in Heaven. If we do not, then we are forever apart from God, in Hell.

In Heaven, there is no death, sickness, pain, boredom or need. In Hell, there is always pain, agony, need, misery, loneliness–the contrast of these two places is unimaginable! Knowing that the decision is irreversible upon your death, where do you want to spend eternity?

If you have never put your hope and trust in Jesus Christ, don’t wait another moment! You are not guaranteed another opportunity. All you have to do to begin your walk with the Lord is say a simple prayer like this one:

Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and I ask you to forgive me of my sins. Please cleanse my heart of all that is not pleasing to you. Please show me how to live for you. Thank you for forgiving me and thank you for the promise of eternal life. Amen.

Now, you can be confident that you will spend eternity with Jesus. Please begin to study God’s Word and seek His will as you move forward. May God richly bless you!