FAQ :: What is Christian Science all about?

Christian Science is neither “Christian” nor “science.” Mary Baker Eddy founded this cultic organization based on her interpretation of the Bible. Christian Science generates most of its appeal by offering false hope to people who need physical healing.

Many Christian Science teachings came from Dr. Phineas Quimby. He was mentor to Eddy, and he came up with much of the basic belief structure of mind-science, even inventing the terms “science of Christ” and “Christian Science.” The cult’s basic belief is that all sickness is the product of an unhealthy mind. With good thoughts one can cure any aliment.

Along with its medical quackery, Christian Science has several beliefs that differ from those of mainstream Christianity. Here are a few examples that earn the organization the designation as a cult:

  1. God is an impersonal being and does not have physical form.
  2. The concept of the Trinity is rejected.
  3. Jesus was the Son of God but not God himself.
  4. Because of errors in translation, the Bible is not the true Word of God.
  5. Satan and demons do not exist.
  6. Man does not have a physical body; he is a spiritual being with the illusion of a material existence.
  7. Christ’s death on the cross did not atone for man’s sin.