FAQ :: What is Assembly Bill 1942 involving vehicle dashboard cameras?

This is a pending California law. For those of us concerned about the government’s continuing expansion into areas of individual privacy, this has the potential to be another nightmare:

Lawmakers are considering controversial new legislation that would allow vehicles to be equipped with dashboard cameras to record the moments leading up to accidents.

The proposed law (AB1942) allows devices to record video, audio, how fast and which direction the vehicle is traveling, a history of where your car has been, steering and brake performance and seat belt usage. The devices would record in a continuous loop and would only save information if there is unusual vehicle motion or a crash. They could also be capable of transmitting the information to a central control center the moment of the accident. [1]

A local California CBS television station posted an article about this bill but took it down. It is only a matter of time before Big Brother requires all vehicles to have dashboard cameras in them so he can watch his subjects as they drive about their merry ways. He plans to watch you 24-7, in the privacy of your home, your vehicles, your workplace, on the streets and every shop, restaurant and place you visit.


[1] http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/local/video.cameras.cars.2.1849626.html