FAQ :: What is a UAV or a UAS?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has is unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). And has sought to put spy drones into use in America in 2006. The DHS wants them to patrol the borders, locate marijuana fields, and also for domestic surveillance by police departments. The MQ-9 Reaper is currently being used by the Border Patrol. Gaston County in North Carolina is using a spy drone.

The Global Observer, an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), is a cost-effective communications and surveillance platform that can stay aloft at 65,000 feet for a week. It is designed to address an urgent national security need for a persistent stratospheric platform and provides a means to satisfy numerous high value civil and commercial applications.

Mission applications include communications relay and remote sensing payloads for military or commercial customers. Multiple communications and remote sensing applications have already been demonstrated from this operating position, including high definition broadcast (HDTV) video, and third generation (4G) mobile voice, video and data using an off-the-shelf mobile handset. [1]

The public is kept in the dark concerning how many Global Observer UAVs Big Brother has in the skies above us. Just remember this fact of life: Big Brother can watch you once you exit a building and follow you wherever you go by foot, vehicle, bicycle, etc. During the Tribulations is will be nearly impossible to hide from Big Brother.

[1] Stratospheric Persistent UAS: Global Observer. www.avinc.com/uas/strato spheric/global_ observer.