FAQ :: What is a Minority Report billboard?

“Minority Report” digital billboards “watch consumers shop.” A “Minority Report” styled digital billboard that targets consumers using customized advertising based on their demographics is being developed by Japanese researchers at the Nippon Electric Company.

Cameras instantly identify a shopper’s age and gender as they walk past. The facial-recognition system, called the Next Generation Digital Signage Solution, then offers consumers a product it thinks is suited to their demographic. Company officials claim the images of customer’s faces would be immediately erased, but critics warned it was an invasion of privacy. The technology is being tested in the U.S. and, if successful, could be rolled out in other areas around the world. [1]

This type of super-advanced technology is another step closer to Big Brother’s total take over of an individual’s privacy and freedoms. During the coming seven-year Tribulation so much surveillance will be implemented that it will be nearly impossible to have any privacy at all.


[1] Hough, Andrew. DailyTelegraph. 3.10.2010. www.telegraph.co.uk/technol o gy/news/7411249/Minority-Report-digital-billboard-watches-consumers-shop.html.