FAQ :: What does New Age mean?

The New Age movement believes that mankind is at the brink of entering a “new age” which people must evolve toward, both mentally and spiritually. New Age proponents proclaim that the good in all people is actually their gods within them, lying dormant, awaiting their spiritual awakening.

The personal goal for the “New Ager” is to awaken the god in them by reaching a new level of consciousness. It is believed that this spiritual condition is needed before there can be a worldwide transformation toward peace and harmony. They strive toward this utopian harmony by claiming that “all is one”, and extending that statement to include all matter. New Agers have adopted the Hindu concept of reincarnation to allow the cyclical attempt of attaining a higher consciousness of their inner deity

In order to preserve humankind, New Agers focus much energy on world peace, environmental pursuits and disarmament. They fully support the drive toward a one-world government. New Age thinking has subtly infiltrated every part of life in this country. Yoga, meditation, self-discovery, inner being–these are all terms that are closely associated with the New Age movement. So, beware! The devil wants to deceive you and this movement is one of his very effective tools!