FAQ :: What does it mean that my son wants to act and dress like little girls?

I am sure you are concerned. This difficult issue may signal a serious problem, or it could mean absolutely nothing. Since it is difficult to tell at this early stage, you are right to address it. Often, this type of behavior leads to one of two reactions from parents. Most commonly, it is ignored and can then lead to confusing adolescence and sexual uncertainty in the future. The opposite reaction is to push so hard against these behaviors that the child feels unloved and often will resort to other, more disturbing behaviors.

This preference your son has may go away on its own, or you may need to help. Recognize that a little girl playing with cars would likely be much less disturbing to you that your son playing with Barbie dolls. So, first watch your son closely to see if what you are noticing are just normal behaviors. If you are still sensing that there is a problem, the most practical thing to do is to remove him from situations where he might be tempted with those things. Protect him emotionally by not fighting with him or yelling at him, just calmly explain that God loved him so much that he made him a little boy–just like Jesus. Then take him out and let him pick out a special new toy to play with–just for him.

This is a great time for Dad to spend some alone time with his boy doing something special. Some great and prominently male activities are fishing, hiking, hunting, building a model, cutting the grass.

God loves you and your family. Commit this to Him daily as you strive to do the right thing for your son. If you don’t see an improvement, you will want to seek some professional, Christian counseling. God bless you and your family.