FAQ :: What are the top ranking police states?

The countries making up the top ten in the rankings are:1. North Korea 2. Red China 3. Belarus 4. Russia 5. USA 6. England/Wales 7. France 8. Israel 9. Singapore 10. Germany.

The next 41 worst police states are:

11. Ireland 12. Malaysia 13. Netherlands 14. Italy 15. South Korea 16. Australia 17. Belgium 18. Spain 19. Austria 20. Ukraine 21. Greece 22. Switzerland 23. Japan 24. Norway 25. Canada 26. India 27. New Zealand 28. Portugal 29. Denmark 30. Hungary 31. Poland 32. Sweden 33. Bulgaria 34. Taiwan 35. Czech Republic 36. Cyprus 37. Finland 38. Lithuania 39. Estonia 40. Luxembourg 41. Slovenia 42. Malta 43. Iceland 44. Latvia 45. South Africa 46.Argentina 47. Mexico 48. Thailand 49. Romania 50. Brazil 51. Philippines. [1]

If all of the secret Big Brother technologies that the U.S. has and were taken into account by the above study America would be Number One far ahead of North Korea and Red China. In 2008 the USA was ranked Number 6. Eventually it will be Number 1. [2]

Authors’ note: The rankings by the Cryptohippie website were taken down in 2011. They can be found on some other websites that copied the reports and reposted them. Yet the links to the original reports are still listed in the search engines. [3] You may still not believe that your beloved country is one of the worst police states on earth. Remember this eternal truth:

“The prince that lacketh understanding is also a great oppressor” (Proverbs 28.16a).

According to the Bible the rulers of America (who are part of Big Brother) are great oppressors because they lack understanding. This is true of the Democrat and the Republican leaders.


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