FAQ :: What are intelligent street lamps?

Farmington Hills-based Illuminating Concepts launched its first “Intellistreets” concept installation in Farmington Hills in October 2011. Farmington Hills is using a federal grant to become the first site in the world to feature the Intellistreets system, a lighting pole system that combines energy conservation, homeland security features, audio entertainment, traffic control, advertising and more.

Intellistreets amounts to an intelligent wireless network, completely concealed within the street light pole. Its lighting is variable for energy conservation, reacting to natural light, the environment and wireless commands. It has sensors to monitor foot and vehicle traffic, and has LED screens. It can transmit information for emergency-alerts, indicate evacuation routes, and send Amber or hazardous environment alerts.30

On the Web page of Illuminating Concepts public relations firm, it explains in detail what the system can do. It is designed to enhance public safety, inform residents and visitors, and connect commercial, residential, hospitality and entertainment components.

The Intellistreets components are: lighting control, wireless communication, concealed audio and alert indication. Additional digital video signage and data acquisition components are available to further enhance functionality. The concealed audio components can provide background music, paging and announcements, emergency alert information, and even sirens. The extra components of this system are:

Data Acquisition: A wide range of sensors can be added including weather and environmental sensors, toxic gas, radiation and other atmospheric monitoring and alert systems and the data can be transmitted to Homeland Security, emergency management and municipal operations.

Future Features: In the future additional features are expected to come online such as downloadable maps and digital information packets for visitors, parking-meter capabilities, and even a portal to recharge hybrid or electric cars. [1]

Identitypr.com which is handling the public relations campaign for Illuminating Concepts failed to say spycams and microphones can be installed in the light poles to snoop on pedestrians. Within twenty years most cities will have these light poles equipped with Big Brother snooping technology. No one will be able to walk about town without being tracked, eavesdropped on and videotaped. These light poles may also have x-ray scanners in them to check pedestrians for weapons as they walk down the street.

Big Brother is putting together a surveillance-net that will keep vigilant watch of everyone in the public arena as well as the privacy of their own domiciles. It will be virtually impossible to escape the all-seeing eye of Big Brother as portrayed in the classic TV show “Max Headroom.”


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