FAQ :: What are Cop cams?

The San Jose police department was the first in the nation to test out a technology to help officers collect evidence and protect themselves from false allegations of misconduct — the “cop cam.” They were put into service in November of 2009. [1]Base Products wants a deal with a cable network for a police reality show using the AXON head-mounted camera. Base, the producer of “Human Wrecking Balls” and “Fight Science,” is working with Taser, the camera’s Scottsdale, Arizona-based manufacturer, to produce the television show. [2]

Eventually all police departments in the world will use “cop cams.” It is even conceivable that Big Brother will require everyone to wear a “mini-cam” while in public. It would extinguish crime, especially if there is a severe penalty for not wearing one. We can also imagine a future in which Big Brother forces every home to have a spy camera in each room. He will also require that every vehicle have one so he can watch everyone at home, in their vehicles and in public. No one will have any privacy ever.

Big Brother wants spy cameras in all vehicles and those of his obedient minions also. Whether you are a minion or one of the unwashed masses Big Brother will be watching you.

A note to police officers: Remember, Big Brother watches you as much as he watches us. If you make a mistake he will know it and sacrifice you on the altar of his New World Order during the Tribulation years. Be sure you know Jesus Christ as your Savior before it is too late.


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