FAQ :: Was Ron Wyatt an archeological fraud?

Amateur archeologist Ron Wyatt is known for making sensational claims regarding alleged discoveries of biblical sites and artifacts. His claims were so fanciful and plentiful, it would seem logical to ask Ron if he had yet unearthed Jesus’ High School diploma. Wyatt most bizarre discovery has to be when he claimed to have found the blood of Christ and a DNA analysis of that blood indicates Christ was born of a virgin. (Wyatt died in 1999 of natural causes.)Here are some more of his supposed amazing discoveries: The true site of the crucifixion; the Ark of the Covenant; the true Mount Sinai (with a plaque announcing it as such); the site of Korah’s earthquake; the true site of the Israelites’ Red Sea crossing also with a marker “built by King Solomon” as a memorial; Chariot wheels from Pharaoh’s drowned army; the actual rock Moses struck to release water; the ashen remains of Sodom and Gomorrah; Noah’s Ark; Noah’s grave; Noah’s house; Mrs. Noah’s grave; Moses’ stone tablets containing the Ten Commandments, held together with golden hinges.

Although it took several years for reality to set in, most Christian ministries finally disavowed Wyatt’s work. The only true believers remaining are ones who continue to financially benefit from promoting his videos.

Ron was either a fabricator or he was delusional, but whatever the case may be, he was clearly one of the greatest frauds the field of Bible prophecy has ever seen. Wyatt’s years of research may amount to nothing more than garbage, however, he did help prove that some Christians are unlimited in their gullibility.