FAQ :: Was Jesus really born on December 25th?

Unfortunately, Jesus’ birthday was not recorded, so we cannot know the exact day of His birth. There were pagan festivals in honor of the Roman God, Saturn, during the month of December. So, December 25 became the recognized day to celebrate Christ’s birth as a Christian alternative to the rituals of the day.

The exact day in which we choose to celebrate Christ’s birth is really not the issue as long as we remember Him throughout the entire year. Having one day set aside in special tribute to Him is good. Although, it must pain Him when people claim to be celebrating His birth but hardly think of Him at all on Christmas Day as they hurriedly prepare gifts and fancy meals and rush through their traditions. Next Christmas and every day, pause in the middle of your hustle and bustle to reflect on that little baby, born in a stable, who came to save the world, including you.