FAQ :: Is Roy Clements still a prominent evangelical pastor?

Roy Clements grew up in the East End of London and earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, before working for the University Colleges Christian Fellowship in Nairobi and serving as pastor of Nairobi Baptist Church in Kenya. He returned to the UK in 1979 when he became pastor of Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, where he developed a highly successful ministry to students. Over a period of some twenty years, he gained a reputation within the international Christian movement as an accomplished preacher and teacher. Until 1999 he served on the boards of a number of leading evangelical organizations, including the management council of the Evangelical Alliance, which represents more than a million British Christians across 30 denominations. His ministry within British evangelicalism ended in 1999 after he left his wife and began a relationship with another man. Since then, Clements has become a significant new voice within the British gay “Christian” movement which is nothing less than a slap in God’s face.

Clements had written a number of well-received books which were withdrawn from sale when the news broke. It is hard to imagine why a pastor who has a successful “ministry” would even think about destroying it by committing an abominable sin, much less carrying it out. What was he thinking? Is sin so powerful that it has absolute control over men like him who claimed to be filled with the Holy Spirit?