FAQ :: Is Maitreya the Antichrist?

As far I’ve been able to determine, he is not even a real person. This individual seems to be myth created by New Age guru Benjamin Creme for personal or financial gain.

A lot of prophecy commentators have capitalized on Creme’s Matreiyafor thier own gain. They strongly suggest that Matreiya might be the Antichrist. Because there is no real evidence supporting the existence Maitreya,I have little respect for Christian ministries that promote this nonsense.

The reason why this rumor keeps circulating is because it is very hard to disprove something that can not be seen. Until Mr. Creme finally produces his friend Maitreya, I think it’s foolish for people to waste their time speculating on his whereabouts.

The true Antichrist is not going to be so camera shy recluse. He will be a charismatic political who will come to power in Europe.