FAQ :: Is it wrong to have a Christmas tree?

It depends. Is your Christmas tree an idol that you worship? Is it more important to you than remembering the birth of Christ? Could Christmas still be as special to you if you had no Christmas tree? Jeremiah 10:1-5 describes a time when heathens were cutting down trees, adorning them with silver and gold, and setting them up to be worshipped. This is clearly pagan, but is most likely not the description of most people who decorate a Christmas tree.

It is not unbiblical or anti-Christ to have a Christmas tree; however, the meaning of the birth of Christ must be the main focus of the Christmas holiday. Some people apply meaning to their trees by saying that the upward pointing branches represent praise to God, the star at the top represents the star of Bethlehem, and the green of the evergreens symbolizes eternal life, God’s gift to us through our Lord, Jesus Christ