FAQ :: Is it wrong for a Christian to put a loved one in a nursing home?

I don’t think this is a right or wrong issue. It depends on so many things. Is the ailing parent able to be cared for at home or is deeper medical treatment required? Are there any issues influencing the decision, like bitterness or childhood anger? Are there selfish motives?

This is a difficult decision that many families face at least once. Most elderly people, not all, feel much more comfortable being cared for by loved ones than in a nursing facility. But, sometimes, medical problems make this impossible.

The Bible is very clear that the young are to care for their ailing family members. (Read 1 Timothy 5:3-8). The aggravating circumstances such as care requirements, personal preferences, financial concerns, and time constraints do not relieve the Biblical responsibility but they help the decision-making process. For some elderly people, placement in a nursing facility is the best care that can be provided. For others, a spare bedroom in a family member’s home is the most comfortable place to receive the needed care and attention.

Aging can be terrifying and lonely. A family’s primary responsibility in caring for an aging loved one is to make sure that he/she has the assurance of God’s love and salvation. That, along with loving care from the family, can make the aging process a graceful one.