FAQ :: Is it possible to understand the Book of Revelation better?

Yes! Every believer can understand the book of Revelation if we use a few basic exegetical principles. No book of the Bible was given to us to be a mystery, which only a select few Bible scholars can understand. Every believer can understand every book in the Bible, every passage and every doctrine if we use the proper methods of exegesis (Proverbs 28.5; 1 Corinthians 2.10, 16).Here are the basic principles of exegesis that if followed will allow any believer to have a full understanding of the book of Revelation:

The events are sequential with a few parenthetical passages thrown in. All of the events in the first seal take place before those of the second seal and so on.

Take everything literally unless Scripture says it is symbolic or unless it is impossible for it to be or take place in a literal manner.

Using these two basic principles will allow all believers to understand the book of Revelation.