FAQ :: Is it okay for Christians to drink a little bit of alcohol occasionally?

The topic of alcohol is very controversial. Some Christians believe that no true believer should drink a drop of it while others drink some every day. The Bible clearly says that it is a sin to become intoxicated by alcohol or for that matter anything else such as drugs, legal or illegal (Ephesians 5.18). It does not say that the mere consumption of alcohol is a sin. Paul advised Timothy to drink some (1 Timothy 5.23) and the Hebrew people were permitted to consume strong drink during the feasts (Deuteronomy 14.26).

Pastors cannot be addicted to wine, and deacons cannot be addicted to much wine (1 Timothy 3.3, 8). Yet they can drink wine if they do not become addicted to it. Being addicted means you have to have something daily or almost every day to be able to function normally, and if you do not get it you become impossible to live with. Any pastor or deacon who cannot live without consuming wine or other alcoholic beverages disqualifies himself from those offices. This includes addiction to drugs (legal or illegal).

No one should choose to be in a position of losing self-control by drinking or taking any type of mind-altering substance. A wise man will not drink which can easily create an opening for dark influences to some into a person’s life.

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise”(Proverbs 20:1).