FAQ :: Is it ever possible to be free of racial tension?

Often, people say with pride, “We have come so far,” regarding racism and equality. That statement is an irony in itself because if society had been acting upon godly principles from the start, racism would never have been a problem. Unfortunately, the foundation for racism is sin so it will never be completely eradicated.

There is no excuse for allowing racism to permeate our society, yet it festers like an infected wound. There is only one way to overcome the pride and anger that exists in racism: The love of Christ! As believers, we must stand against the hatred and intolerance that doesn’t allow people to be unique and beautiful in their differences. I even loathe using the word “intolerance” because one race should never “tolerate” another; the use of that term suggests an air of superiority that should not exist.

If members of this and every society could see themselves and others through the loving eyes of God the Father, there would be no room for the kind of hatred necessary for racism to thrive. So, living free of racial tensions begins with each individual. You-in your heart and in your home-need to spread the love of Christ to every person regardless of color, nationality or even religion. Then, and only then, will people begin to recognize the love of Jesus Christ.