FAQ :: Is Disney World tracking visitors with RFID?

Yes. New wireless-tracking RFID wristbands designed to make the “The Most Magical Place on Earth” even more hassle-free will hit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 2013.

The ‘MagicBands” will be linked to customers’ credit-card information and function as room keys and park entry passes. They are part of a bigger system called “MyMagic+,” which also allows the theme park to collect sensitive personal information, including names of guests both young and old, their purchasing and riding patterns and real-time location data.

Disney RFID “MagicBands”

“Imagine booking guaranteed ride times for your favorite shows and attractions even before setting foot in the park,” wrote Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, in a blog posting. “With MyMagic+, guests will be able to do that and more, enabling them to spend more time together and creating an experience that’s better for everyone.”

The MyMagic+ system will cost Disney Corp. about $1 billion, forcing its 100,000 daily guests to participate.

Some commenters on the StitchKingdom Disney fan site said they felt “a bit creeped out” and “not terribly comfortable with the idea.” But most commenters think MyMagic+ is a great idea. Disney has not said when the MyMagic+ program will spread to the four other Disney theme parks in Southern California, Japan, Paris and Hong Kong. [1]

When Disney’s Art of Animation Resort opened in May of 2012 its guests were one of the first to experience the driving force behind Walt Disney World’s NextGen project– the room key. Instead of the traditional card key readers guests will access their room via RFID. [1]

The RFID will be housed in a patented, resizable wristband known as the MagicBand. The MagicBand will not simply hold your room key; it will be your ticket and your identity. It will identify you and everything Walt Disney World knows about you to everyone and everything around you–characters, attractions and even trash cans.

Any place Disney Parks puts a proximity reader will instantly become aware of you and your family. Attractions are individually aware when a specified guest visits them and the attractions are equipped with still and video cameras throughout to capture photos and video. [2]

This type of surveillance is taking hold in a major way, all leading up to the time when no man will be able to buy or sell without the mark which is either the name of the beast (Antichrist) or his name (Revelation 13:17).

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