FAQ :: Is child kidnapping causing spy cameras to be accepted?

Yes. For example, playgrounds and elevators started to have CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) in Korea around 2008. Surveillance cameras became mandatory on all apartment playgrounds and elevators that year.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs revised a housing construction law to make it compulsory for all underground apartment parking lots, elevators, playgrounds and building entrances to be covered by surveillance cameras. The move was prompted by a raft of kidnappings involving children earlier this year. [1]

Big Brother is systemically installing spy cameras everywhere we turn. He keeps an eye on all of his minions and future minions. When Big Brother takes over control of the world — abused children could well be his most loyal subjects due to their brainwashing and degradation. The masses will eventually accept total surveillance for “safety’s sake.

[1] Chosumilbo. “Playgrounds, Elevators Required to Install Surveillance Cameras.” 5.16.2008.