FAQ :: Is ANPR technology widely used in the US?

Yes. ANPR cameras are used by law enforcement and private companies throughout the United States and the UK with no established legal framework limiting their use.

Long used in Europe, ANPR technology is currently in use in all 50 states in America and it is helping to combat the flow of drugs, illegal currency and weapons across the U.S.- Mexico border.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded a contract in October worth as much as $350 million to increase its use along the border, where thousands of license plates are processed by the system every day.

The relatively simple technology consists of cameras, either mounted on police cars or at a stationary location, capable of capturing and processing more than 100,000 license plate images an hour. Plate numbers are automatically run against “hot list” databases of stolen, suspicious or crime-related vehicles, said Capt. Kevin Reardon of the Arlington, Va., Police Department. “It’s quick and efficient,” Reardon said. “Officers can do their jobs better and catch more bad guys.”

In Arlington, Virginia license plate readers lead to at least one arrest a day. There are 200 mobile cameras in the capital region, and a number of stationary cameras in Washington D.C. and Maryland. [1]

Look for most police departments in America and eventually the entire world to purchase the ANPR technology. Big Brother is weaving his web of total surveillance and very few will be able to escape it.

Be sure you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior so you will be taken up in the Rapture when He calls His church home to heaven. Or you will have to suffer through the seven-year Tribulation when surveillance will be so intense and widespread you will have nowhere to hide.


[1] Steffen, Jordan. “License plate readers help police and Border Patrol, but worry privacy advocates.” LA Times. 12.26.2010. http://articles.latimes.com/2010/ dec/26/nation/la-na-license-reader-201 01226.