FAQ :: I have been divorced for ten years. What should I do?

The first and most important action that you can take is to pray and ask the Lord to guide you regarding His will for your life. God can restore your feelings of loss. He can heal you from the serious and painful after-effects from such a difficult situation. Whatever the circumstance leading to the divorce, be sure that you have asked the Lord to forgive you for any part you any have played in the break-up. If you are a victim of adultery and abuse your struggle can be overcome with God’s help. He feels your pain and heartache. Trust that he will totally restore your life. Be sure to forgive your former spouse so you don’t harbor negativity in your heart.

Once you have dealt with your own needs and feel sufficiently healed you might consider reaching out to young married couples in your church and community. Being used by God to help others see the restoration power of God and helping other couples avoid dangerous pitfalls in their own marriages would be a tremendous blessing to you and those you reach out to.