FAQ :: How do you plan to maintain this site after the rapture?

I have no master plan for maintaining Rapture Ready all the way through the seven-year tribulation. After the big event takes place, I expect RR to last several months. After all, the internet was designed to survive a nuclear war. It should be able to survive the great catching up of all believers.

It is unlikely any one domain will be able to service the massive traffic surge that will be directed at all prophecy sites. The best hope for achieving enough bandwidth to allow for millions of people to view Rapture Ready’s content is for tribulation saints to mirror the site dozens of times.

There are already several sister sites listed on the link pages ( i.e. raptureready.net, raptureready.org, raptureme.com rr-rapture.com, tribulation.us, and anti-antichirst.org) that have the source pages. An easy way for people to mirror RR would be to create domains like Raptureready1.com, Raptureready2.com, or Raptureready3.com.

Another way to disseminate the site would be to copy the pages onto CDs. This method lacks the worldwide reach of a web server, but it has the advantage of being free from any efforts by authorities to block all sites related to Bible prophecy.