FAQ :: How can I better understand life?

If you want to understand the universe and the world you live in study the Bible. Scripture is jam packed with massive amounts of knowledge about the universe, the earth and interpersonal relationships. By studying Scripture a Christian gains insight into the secrets of the universe and the earth. We also gain great understanding concerning life, “ how to live, how to interact with others, how to live in peace with others and how to bring glory to God (1 Corinthians 10.31).

Every Christian should study the Bible daily, and ask for understanding and wisdom (James 1.5). Remember, “The beginning of wisdom is the reverence of YAHWEH, and the knowledge of the Holy Ones is understanding” (9.10). Get to know the Father, Son and HOLY SPIRIT not to have knowledge of them so you can show off to those around you (at home, church, elsewhere). No! Get to know them so well that you see how holy they are and how sinful you are. This should motivate believers to be more humble and more obedient.

When a Christian gets close to God he will always be more humble, loving, obedient, joyful, peaceable, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, loyal, generous and forgiving. If a Christian knows a lot about the Bible, but does not display the above characteristics of a mature Christian he has head knowledge only. He does not have an intimate relationship with the Lord. What goes around comes around?

The phrase “What goes around comes around,” cannot be found word-for-word in the Scriptures, but the concept is in the Bible. The book of Proverbs has many verses dealing with this type of attitude and behavior, from the first chapter to the last.

Most of the proverbs concern the wicked and the fact of life that they will get exactly what they dish out to others. Yet there are a few proverbs that say when the righteous do good deeds they will receive the same from others.

This principle of life is not karma. No! It is the justice of God! He gives unto the righteous and the wicked according to their deeds in this life and in the life to come. Sometimes it seems as though the wicked get away with their evil deeds in this life, but many times God punishes the wicked in a way that is not seen.

He can punish them by causing them to have great guilt and remorse for their wickedness. He can also inflict them with mental and physical pain. The wicked (unsaved), can also be afflicted by those they love who reject them because of their evil deeds. Even if it seems as though some evil people do not get what they deserve in this life they will get just punishment in Hell and the Lake of Fire. And they will suffer punishment for all of their evil deeds through all eternity.