FAQ :: How can I become wise?

Every Christian should want to be wise and seek to be wise. Jesus told His disciples to be “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10.16). The way to be wise is to read the Bible every day (Deuteronomy 17.19; Revelation 1.3), study the Bible every day (John 5.39; Acts 17.11; 2 Timothy 2.15), memorize Scripture (Deuteronomy 6.6; Psalm 37.31; 40.8; 119.11; Proverbs 2.1; 3.1; 4.1; 6.21; 22.18; Isaiah 51.7; Ezekiel 3.10; Romans 10.8) and meditate on Scripture every day (Joshua 1.8; Psalm 1.2; Job 23.12; Psalm 1.2; 119.15, 23, 48, 78, 99, 148).

One also needs to walk with wise men to be wise (13.20), and listen to counsel and accept discipline (Proverbs 19.20). Walking with wise people means to fellowship with wise Christians as often as possible at church and in homes. Home Bible studies and prayer meetings are a vital aspect of spiritual growth. The first disciples went from home to home every day studying the Bible and praying (Acts 2.42; 46; 5.42).

If you do not know whether or not you are wise consider this: The wise “increases learning and understanding, and he gets wise counsel” (Proverbs 1.5), “accepts commands” (Proverbs 10.8), “store up knowledge” (Proverbs 10.14), “wins souls” (Proverbs 11.30), “hears his father’s instruction” (Proverbs 13.1), “fears and turns from evil” (Proverbs 14.16), “makes his speech prudent” (Proverbs 16.23), “seeks knowledge” (Proverbs 18.15), “keeps the law” (Proverbs 28.7), “turn away anger” (29.8), and “is quiet and holds back” (Proverbs 29.11).

If you do as the Scripture teach above, day-in and day-out you are very wise. If you practice some of the teachings, then you are wise, but if you do none of them you are never going to gain godly wisdom.

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed” (Proverbs 13.20).

“Wise people store up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction” (Proverbs 14.14).