FAQ :: How can I be a disciple if I cannot find someone to disciple me?

There are specific things a believer can do. The first is to take the “Faith Test.” Examine your spiritual life and compare the amount of time you spend in spiritual matters with worldly matters.

Calculate how much time you spend each week in prayer and in the Word (listening to sermons, reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on Scripture). Also determine how much time you spend each week in fellowship with the brethren, attending worship services, and prayer and Bible meetings. Also calculate how much time you spend each week helping others (saved and unsaved) and in sharing the gospel with the lost. Add up all the time you spend each week in spiritual matters.

Next calculate how much time you spend each week in worldly matters. Determine how much time you spend each week watching TV and movies, reading secular books and magazines, in hobbies and recreation, attending sporting events, socializing with the unsaved in person or by phone and texting, shopping for non-essentials and any other worldly activity.

Calculate the total time you spend each week in spiritual matters and in worldly matters. A disciple will spend more time in spiritual matters.

The second thing a disciple will do is set up a “Spiritual Fitness Program.”

Pray when you wake up and as you fall asleep. Also pray throughout the day. Take small prayer breaks throughout the day and pray on the go. (Matthew 7.7-11; Luke 18.1-8; John 14.13-14; 16.24; Ephesians 6.18; James 1.5; 1 Thessalonians 5.17)

Listen to Scripture whenever you can. While at home, in the car or on your daily walk. (Deuteronomy 4.9-10; Proverbs 8.34; 23.12; Luke 8.15, 21; 11.28; James 1.22; Rev. 1.3)

Read Scripture daily. Start your day by reading a chapter or two and end your day reading a chapter or more. Also take Bible breaks throughout the day. It only takes three to five minutes to read a chapter. Several Bible breaks, will enable you to read ten chapters a day. (Deuteronomy 17.19; Psalm 42.1-2; 63.1; 143.6; Revelation 1.3)

Study Scripture daily or a couple times a week. Pick a book and study through it verse-by-verse. Write down what you learn and also how you can apply what you have learned to your life. You can also do topical studies, but do more book studies. (Deuteronomy 8.3; Matthew 4.4; Proverbs 2.1-5; 8.34; 22.17; John 5.39; Acts 17.11; Romans 15.4; 2 Timothy 2.15; 3.15)

Memorize Scripture. Start by memorizing one verse a week. Write it out on a 3 x 5 card or a business size card. Carry them with you and whenever you get a chance throughout the day work on memorizing it and reviewing it. If you stick to one verse a week you will have memorized 52 verses more than 99% of believers in America and probably more than 80% of pastors in America. The key to memorization is repetition. Recite each verse a dozen or more times each day. (Deuteronomy 6.6; 11.18; 30.14; Psalm 37.31; 40.8; 119.11; Proverbs 2.1; 3.1, 3; 4.1, 21; 6.21; 22.18; Isaiah 51.7; Ezekiel 3.10; Romans 10.8; Colossians 3.16).

Meditate on Scripture as often as possible. Whenever you have a few spare moments pick a verse that you have memorized and meditate on it. Ask yourself what the message of the verse is, how it applies to your life and examine what it tells you about God. Also set aside (Joshua 1.8; Job 22.22; 23.12; Psalm 1.2; 4.4; 19.14; 63.6; 77.12; 104.34; 119.15, 23, 27, 48, 78, 97, 99, 148; 143.5; Col. 3.16; 1 Timothy 4.15)

Worship God on a daily basis. You do not have to go to church to worship God. You can do that most anywhere. You can have family devotions where your family prays, reads the Bible, studies the Scriptures and sings praises. If you live alone you can worship God any time. You can sing praises to Him throughout the day. Sing hymns you know or make up your own songs. You can also find a good book on discipleship. Check the Internet and Christian bookstores.

Endnotes This article is based on Appendix F in the book: A Better World Is Coming Soon Don’t Miss It, 2013 Expanded Edition by Kit Olsen.