FAQ :: How are home security cameras being used by government agencies?

One example is observing what is happening in Chicago. The city of Chicago is encouraging residents to install security cameras that are connected to Chicago’s 911 center.

Nearly two dozen colleges, businesses and high-rises have agreed to share their video with the 911 center to create a panoramic view of disaster scenes. They include Boeing, Macy’s, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Golub & Company, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Sears Tower, Prudential Plaza, the Cook County Administration Building, Rush Hospital, Columbia College, Harold Washington College, St. Xavier University, DePaul University, Roosevelt University, Ike Sims Village and an association of State Street merchants.

The public-private Internet hookup will transmit fully encrypted video that cannot be compromised by computer hackers. It was made possible by software tied to Operation Virtual Shield. That’s the security grid that linked existing fiber optics into a single network and paved the way for hundreds more surveillance cameras, sophisticated software capable of spotting suspicious behavior and for mass transit cameras to be monitored by the 911 center.

Considering the enthusiastic response in the first two months, City Hall is confident that hundreds of private cameras ultimately will be added to the city’s network. “Besides the inevitable of what happened on 9/11, we see now that we have to reach out to forge a partnership with the private sector, and they see that, too,” said Jim Argiropoulos, deputy executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications. “We’re here for a common cause: to enhance security,” he said. “They see that partnering with us and expanding the camera network is a win-win in terms of safety and security for Chicago” [1]

It will only be a matter of time before Big Brother will convince most Americans that they should have their home, business and office security cameras hooked into the local police department. He will convince people that if the police can monitor your security cameras they will be safer.

Once this insidious snooping becomes ubiquitous Big Brother could then mandate it by law. After that he will force all home owners, apartment owners, businesses, factories and stores to install interior security cameras that will be monitored by the police. At that point Big Brother will be able to keep an eye on everyone 24/7. He will also make spycams mandatory in all public and private vehicles, planes and ships. It is only a matter before all privacy is eliminated.

Be sure you know Jesus and are born-again by His Holy Spirit, if you want to avoid the iron fist that Big Brother will hold over the masses once the Tribulation begins.

[1]”Homeowners can link private cameras to city’s surveillance network” (Chicago Sun Times, 9.29.2008).